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Digital Agencies

Support services for digital agencies and software companies providing additional capacity and front-end expertise.

Agency contracting

Digital development for agencies, software companies and freelancers

From Wordpress site builds to javascript frameworks, I can help you deliver next level projects to your clients.

Clean Code

I focus on high quality, clean and easily maintained code. I understand that well-written documention and pull-requests are often as important as the code itself.

Speedy Onboarding

Having worked in with all kinds of clients, I can quickly understand all kinds of project, your business and the needs of your clients.

Commercial Understanding

I understand the nature of digital business and the importance of delivering value to your clients while also working inside specifications and to deadlines.

Frontend Dev

I've worked extrensively with component libraries and CCS frameworks, including Tailwind, Vuetify, Boostrap+SASS, Headless UI, Ant Design and more.

Website Builds

I frequently build websites from scratch for digital agencies to their designs and specifications, including CMS integrations.

Backend Experience

Cross-discipline competency in backend development using a variety of back-end stacks like Laravel, WooCommerce, Drupal, Supabase and custom rest APIs.

Integrated or Siloed

I can work as an integrated member of your team or as a siloed resource, depending on your needs.

Project Management

I have experience with project planning requirements and Agile methodologies. I often use platforms like Slack, Teams, Monday, Trello etc.

Git Workflow

I use Git for version control and I'm familiar with trunk-based development best practices as well as Gitflow.

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Ignite your next digital project

End-to-end builds or defined features. With technical proficiency and attention to detail, I can help you to create dynamic and user-friendly digital products that will impress your clients and deliver results.

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Frequently asked questions

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You should say hello

Drop me a message on danny@mrdannyjohnson.co.uk and I'll get back to you quickly. I'm always happy to chat about new projects and opportunities.