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Digital Strategy

Result focused digital strategy development and execution for ambitious businesses.

Relentless customer focus

A customer-centric approach should be at the heart of any result focused digital strategy.

You need to understand your customers' needs, preferences, and behaviors to deliver a digital experience that meets their expectations. This includes investing in customer research, using data to personalise interactions, and creating a seamless, omni-channel experience across all touchpoints.

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Embrace innovation

An business ready digital strategy needs to be forward-looking and adaptable to new technologies and trends. This means investing in innovation and exploring emerging technologies that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Solid technology foundations

This includes using robust digital platforms that can support your customer-facing applications and services, as well as a secure and scalable data architecture.

You also need to have strong governance and compliance frameworks in place to ensure that your digital initiatives meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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Get more from digital

Disruption and innovation are redefining industries overnight. Customer habits and expectations are changing. Regulations are intensifying. To thrive amid these changes you need a digital strategy that meets today's challenges and seizes tomorrow's opportunities.

Recent digital stategy projects

  • Digital alignment
  • Omni-channel customer experience
  • Technology opportunities
  • Digital differentiation
  • Digital growth

Ecommerce implementation

Ecommerce strategy and implementation for a B2B manufacturer, integrated with ERP, CRM and fulfilment systems.

Marketing automation

Increased seat utilisation by 35% for training company through improved use of Saleforce CRM, landing pages and email marketing.

Software to cloud

Migration of an existing desktop software product to the cloud for a medical and industrial sensor and data company.

Enablement & Alignment

Digital strategy for a local authority to create and enforce variable parking restrictions including legal and compliance requirements.

Website Improvement

Get more from your existing website

Digital improvement plans and growth programmes to increase traffic website and convert visitors into engaged customers.

Existing Websites

Do you have an existing website that you can access via a CMS like Wordpress or Squarespace? If so, I can help you manage it to generate more leads.

Online Marketing Strategy

Starting with an audit of your digital assets, then developing objectives, before creating and implementing plans to push towards your goals.

User Experience

From improving navigation to highlighting key products or features, I can help you create a better user experience.

Optimise Site Speed

If your site is slugish, optimisation techniques like lazy loading images, optimising CSS and JS, and using a Content Delivery Network will make a noticeable difference.

Improve Content

Catchier headlines, snappier copywriting, reviews, testimonials, product images - there a numerous approaches to improving your content.

Landing Page Campaigns

An effective landing page and Adwords campaign is the fastest way to generate high quality leads quickly.

Online Integrations

Integrate your site with marketing tools like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Optimizely, Algolia, Zapier and more.

Monitor and Adjust

Website performance reports to provide insight and recommendations for new tactics that could improve your results.

Revenue Generating

Put your existing website to work by generating more leads and reducing service costs, with a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Landing Page Lead Generation

Landing page marketing for lead generation

Landing pages are a quick and cost-efficient method of generating high-quality leads for all kinds of businesses.

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+£1,640 last week
More leads for your business

Conversion focused landing pages

I've optimised online sales funnels for a range of businesses using a tried and tested framework for landing pages by focusing on trust signals and lead incentives.

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Adwords + retargeting + social ads

Cost-efficient traffic acquisition

Pay-per-click, retargetting and social ads are a cost-clever way to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website.

By targetting high-probability users when they are most likely to convert, you can maximise your ROI.

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Sales enablement & automation

Marketing automation for dynamic sales processes

What happens in your business when a website lead arrives? Do you have a formalised system for nurturing leads and converting them into sales?

With automated lead capture and nurturing processes, you could free up time for sales teams to focus on closing deals.

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Measure, test, evolve

Result focused continuous improvement

End-to-end analytics, A/B testing and laser focused budgets are the key to maximising RoI.

I'll help you to understand your customers and optimise your marketing spend to deliver the best possible results.


"Danny has been vital in providing a digital strategy that created excellent results within impressive timeframes. His experience and insight were matched by his dedication and commitment to the project. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone looking for a digital expert."

Gordon Storey — CEO, ISSEE Ltd

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When it all comes together

With a well defined client fit and a niche set of services, I understand how, where, and with whom I will provide the best results.

Increase in monthly active users for a social network start-up following mobile-first redesign
Organic search traffic in 6 months for dental practice chain after website improvement plan
Shopping carts processed for a B2B online retailer
ROI with a retargeting campaign for a high-end security business
Web vitals scores for Accessibility, Best Practices & SEO for latest Jamstack website
Conversion rate increase for memberships to a leading environment group
Increase in seat utilisation for an international training company using CRM automation
Bounce rate reduction for Forfusion following new website launch
Page views across client websites in 2022
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You should say hello

Drop me a message on danny@mrdannyjohnson.co.uk and I'll get back to you quickly. I'm always happy to chat about new projects and opportunities.