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Digital product developer specialising in database-driven web apps, modern API based websites, and Vue.js front-end development.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
I often work remotely using all the usual communication tools and project management apps.
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Do you want to create and implement a compelling digital strategy for your business?

More than 15 years in marketing, ecommerce and digital product development.

10 years working as a freelance developer in industries like tech, energy, healthcare and on self-started projects.

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Chartered Marketer and Prince 2 project management practitioner.

Technical skills across a range of areas like Javascript, Nuxt, Wordpress, Shopify, Astro, Tailwind, Sanity, Stripe, Medusa, Supabase and more.

3M+ in page views across client websites in 2022, £6M+ in online payments processed.

Extensive portfolio of websites, web apps and digital products.