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Vue.js Freelance Developer

Freelance Vue.js developer with over 10 years experience building web applications. I have worked with a wide range of clients from startups to large agencies, and have a proven track record of delivering high quality, scalable and maintainable code.

Vue.js and frontend development

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework with huge popularity beacuse of its simplicity, flexibility, and performance. It is ideal for building fast, reactive and responsive user interfaces for web applications.

As a freelance Vue developer, I work directly with businesses with Vue based applications or with software agencies to supplement their skillset and increase their project capacity.

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Nuxt.js Developer

Nuxt.js is a framework for building Vue.js applications built on top of Vue.js.

I've used nuxt extensively in building static sites to fully fledged web apps. I can help with Nuxt 2 to Nuxt 3 migrations, or with new Nuxt 3 projects that benefit from features like incremental static generation.


Javascript and Vue.js developer for hire

I focus on high quality, clean and easily maintained code. I understand that well-written documention and pull-requests are often as important as the code itself.

Remote Vue.js Contractor

I work with businesses in the UK and remotely via all the usual project management and communcations tools to develop Vue.js web interfaces.

Vue Typescript

Typescript makes it easier to write self-documenting and predictable code, to eliminate incorrect type assumptions, and provides rich IDE support for an effecient developer experince.

Vue 2 and Vue 3

I have experience with both Vue 2 and Vue 3 with both the options and composition API, and can help you migrate your existing Vue 2 application to Vue 3.

Frontend Dev

I've worked extrensively with component libraries and CCS frameworks, including Tailwind, Vuetify, Boostrap+SASS, Headless UI, Ant Design and more.

Vue Apps

Cross-discipline competences in back-end stacks including custom rest APIs, Laravel, MongoDb, Express, Firebase and more.

Vue Libraries

I'm experienced at working with many popular Vue libraries like Vuex and Pinia, Highcharts, Apex Charts, Leaflet, VeeValidate, Vue-Auth and more.

Integrated or Siloed

I can work as an integrated member of your team or as a siloed resource, depending on your needs.

Project Management

I have experience with project planning requirements and Agile methodologies. I often use platforms like Slack, Teams, Monday, Trello etc.

Git Workflow

I use Git for version control and I'm familiar with trunk-based development best practices as well as Gitflow.

A tent under the stars

High quality Vue.js development

With extensive experience in Vue.js development and a portfolio full of successful projects, I have the expertise to bring your Vue.js project to life.

Recent Vue.js projects

  • Reactive interfaces
  • Static websites
  • Progressive web apps (PWAs)
  • Electron desktop apps
  • Vuetify
  • Nuxt

Reactive dashboard

Chart and map based dashboard for an IoT project in the highways industry.

Static brochure website

Nuxt.js static site with top-notch web vitals and page speed for a leading IT company

Software to cloud

Migration of an existing desktop software product to the cloud for a medical sensor company with a Laravel backend.

Mini social network

A social network for a university start-up community, connecting to a Razor Pages backend.

Starry sky
Featured work

Digital Projects

My clients are leading companies and niche brands who help the world go round. They build windfarms, secure embassies, align smiles, keep motorways moving, teach courses, manipulate blockchains, and de-fuse bombs.


Fast, secure and highly search-optimised website for the North's leading digital transformation and IT services provider


Website design and development, including more than 200 pages of resources, webinars, whitepapers and user guides. Built to Jamstack principles using Vue.js, Bootstrap 5 and seamlessly managed through Sanity's unified content platform.

Typical time to first byte using global CDN hosting
Web vitals score for Accessibility, Best Practices & SEO
Forfusion screenshot

Windmill Orthodontics

Search-optimised website for a leading private healthcare provider.


Website design and development, built to Jamstack principles using Nuxt 3, Tailwind CSS and seamlessly managed through Sanity's unified content platform.

Typical time to first byte using global CDN hosting
Web Vitals for SEO, Accessibility and Page Speed
Windmill Orthodontics screenshot

DXD Group

Web application that collates data from remote traffic and parking sensors at traffic hotspots like airports, hospitals and stadiums to a unified cloud platform

Web App

DXD Group provides systems that collate real time information about traffic flow patterns with outputs to internet connected hardware like LED signage, access control and payment terminals.

Sensor readings processed in 2021
LED signs under control
DXD Group screenshot

Edinburgh University

Micro social network to connect students, start-ups, investors and academics for the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service

Web Development

Integrating with the University's existing Microsoft and Saleforce databases with a new social platform using Razorpages and Vue.

“I would highly recommend Danny for your project. His ability to listen to criteria and use his experience to suggest technical solutions is exceptional. Danny was up front and honest throughout the project, which made it easy to quickly establish trust. Thank you for everything!.”

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Jack McMillan, Edinburgh Innovations
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Offshore Power Intelligence

Data heavy web application that tracks offshore wind farm construction from open-source ship GPS positions

Web App

Offshore Power Intelligence aims to help understand the offshore wind construction market by answering questions like: What project is a vessel working on right now? And, how is that project progressing?

Offshore wind farms monitored
Installation vessel GPS positions processed in 12 months
Offshore Power Intelligence screenshot
Floating spaceman
Floating spaceman

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