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Web Apps

Connect and automate your business workflow. IoT, CRM, SaaS apps, booking systems and more.

Web App Developer

Web Apps are complex websites, offering extensive functionality to manage content and data. Web apps can be accessed from any browser and installed on mobile phones or tablets.

Used as internal tools or customer facing digital products web apps are a powerful way to increase productivity and improve customer experience.

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Data at Your Fingertips

Deploying custom databases, developing APIs and creating live dashboards.

Charts, maps, real-time interactions. Create a custom cloud dashboard to put your data to work, collaborate more easily, provide insight, and run your business more effeciently.

Still running your business in Excel?

Converting problematic or complex spreadsheets into database driven web apps that are easy-to-use, reduce errors and can automatate hundreds of hours work.

Web apps as internal tools can help improve communication, increase collaboration, and boost productivity by making it easier for team members to work together and manage their tasks efficiently.

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A hand holding a phone with a web app on the screen glows in the dark

SaaS Apps

Overall, web apps can improve customer experience by offering personalized, convenient, engaging, and responsive solutions that make it easier for customers to interact with a business and achieve their goals. By using these tools, businesses can build stronger customer relationships, increase loyalty, and drive growth.

Turn your existing IP or offline processes into SAAS products - earning recurring revenue through subscriptions and licensing.

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Connecting the dots between your users' needs and your business model

Whether you’re building an app for displaying data, automating a process, improving customer experience, or generating revenue, I can help you build a web app that works for you.

Web application projects

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Software to cloud
  • Spreadsheet to cloud platform
  • SaaS
  • EdTech
  • Online booking & scheduling

Real-time dashboard

Web application that collates data from remote traffic and parking sensors at traffic hotspots like airports, hospitals and stadiums to a unified cloud platform.

Business insight app

Data heavy business intelligence web application that tracks offshore wind farm construction from open-source ship GPS positions.

Software to cloud migration

Migration of an existing desktop software product to the cloud for a medical and industrial sensor and data company.

Blockchain social network

Photo sharing social network driven by cryptocurrency micro-payments on the blockchain.

Core Benefits

Web App Development

Expert web application development for SME's and startups. Modern, user-friendly web apps for internal tools, customer facing digital products, and SaaS.

User Experience

Web applications that boost business operations and deliver maximum value to end-users.

Database Driven

Database and API driven web apps, providing connections to multiple data sources including legacy or third-party systems.

Cloud Deployment

web apps that can be deployed in the cloud, providing flexibility and accessibility for your users.


Prioritized security in all development stages, ensuring your data is safe and protected.

Device Agnostic

Web apps that work in the browser function on all devices from desktops to mobile phones.

Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance for your web app to ensure that it continues to perform optimally over time.

Internet of Things

Custom web interfaces that seamlessly integrate with your IoT devices

Connect your remote hardware to the internet to monitor and control it from anywhere.

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IoT interfaces

Elegant and robust interfaces for your IoT devices

Real-time data, complex data presentation automated data analysis make creating UI/UX design for IoT applications especially challenging.

As a front-end specialist, I will work with you to create a powerful, intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage and analyse your IoT devices

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const AWS = require('aws-sdk');
const iotData = new AWS.IotData({
endpoint: 'api.dxd.group'

const payload = { vehicles: 233 };
topic: '/devices/sensor',
payload: JSON.stringify(payload)
Data visualisation

Advanced mapping, charting and data visualisation

Data presentation is also a critical aspect of remote sensor and hardware technology.

Maps, charts, and other visual representations of data can help businesses make informed decisions, identify trends, and track changes over time.

With experience in data visualization in industrial, logistics and medical projects, I can help you create custom dashboards that are tailored to your specific needs.


Migrating desktop software to cloud web apps

Existing desktop software migration to cloud infrastructure and converting business critical spreadsheets to online web applications.

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Cloud migration + cloud architecture

Migrating software to the cloud

Converting software to cloud platforms can provide numerous benefits including scalability, cost-effectiveness, enhanced collaboration, automatic updates, backups and recovery.

I've succesfully migrated a number of software projects to the cloud, including a large-scale web application for a highly-regulated medical sensor company.

A complex cloud app with multiple line charts and data tables
Spreadsheet to cloud

Business critical spreadsheets to web application

Spreadsheets are often used to control business critical data, but they can be difficult to maintain, scale, secure and control.

Converting critical spreadsheets to simple web apps can provide significant benefits, including improved access control, reduced risk of human error, time-saving workflows and easier maintenance.

Spreadsheet-to-cloud projects are often straightforward and can be completed quickly while providing significant benefits for businesses.


"Danny has been vital in providing a digital strategy that created excellent results within impressive timeframes. His experience and insight were matched by his dedication and commitment to the project. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone looking for a digital expert."

Gordon Storey — CEO, ISSEE Ltd

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When it all comes together

With a well defined client fit and a niche set of services, I understand how, where, and with whom I will provide the best results.

Increase in monthly active users for a social network start-up following mobile-first redesign
Organic search traffic in 6 months for dental practice chain after website improvement plan
Shopping carts processed for a B2B online retailer
ROI with a retargeting campaign for a high-end security business
Web vitals scores for Accessibility, Best Practices & SEO for latest Jamstack website
Conversion rate increase for memberships to a leading environment group
Increase in seat utilisation for an international training company using CRM automation
Bounce rate reduction for Forfusion following new website launch
Page views across client websites in 2022
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Starry sky
Web Apps


I offer a full range of web app web design services, from discovery and planning to design, development, hosting and ongoing support.

Functional specification developed to your requirements with strategic insights

User-centered design that prioritises the needs and goals of your website visitors

Custom business logic to meet your specific requirements

Cross-browser compatibility, ensuring the website looks great for all users

Security features to protect your website from hacks, plus PCI compliance

Responsive design for all screen sizes from phones to HD desktops

Optimised for fast page load times, tested with Page Speed Insights

Intuitive interface that makes navigation for your visitors easy and enjoyable

Color palette, typography, and design elements to reflect your brand identity

Meeting the latest standards for accessibility and security

Digital integrations to suit your business (e.g. CRM, Mailchimp, Zapier etc)

Flexibility to accommodate future design updates and changes as needed

Full testing and functional quality assurance to ensure the app is bug-free

Shared Github repository with all source-code, assets and documentation

Hosting with global CDN, automatic failover, image optimisation and SSL certificate

Frequently asked questions

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